Tips for Planning the Ultimate Bathroom | Versa Homes, Lower Mainland BC

Inspired Bathroom Ideas

Tips for Planning the Ultimate Bathroom | Versa Homes, Lower Mainland BC

Go ahead. Close your eyes, and take a moment to imagine your future dream home…
Were you blinded by visions of towel racks and toilet bowls?
Probably not.

But one thing we know for sure: once that dream becomes your wonderful reality, you’ll be thankful you took the time to plan the perfect bathroom. After all, where else will you find a cozy refuge on those cold winter mornings? Or enjoy a hot, soothing bath after an exhausting day? Or just sneak away for a few glorious moments of peace and quiet?

At Versa Homes, we’ve installed and remodelled a LOT of bathrooms, working hard to satisfy our clients’ differing needs and transform their exciting visions into picture-perfect creations every time. And we’d be glad to do the same for you.

In the meantime, here’s a few handy tips and professional insights to help guide you along the way to designing your ultimate bathroom.

Lighten up your bathroom

Let there be light!

  • Take full advantage of all available natural light with bigger windows—or even a skylight
  • Aim for multiple tones and layers to ensure the perfect lighting in every situation
  • Add mirror-side wall sconces, which cast an ideal vanity light

Maximize space

Less is more

  • Plan for a pristine, uncluttered layout, which is always inviting
  • Think white or neutral colours to create space, particularly in smaller bathrooms
  • Incorporate a shower screen or large mirrors to enhance this openness

Classic design style

Classic beauty never grows old

  • Opt for a freestanding tub to blend old-world charm with modern technology
  • Remember that sturdy, streamlined fixtures never go out of style
  • Mix in an eye-catching chandelier to bring elegance to a new height

Deep soaker tub

What's your tub style?

Whatever your preference may be, knowing what kind of tub you want will make a big difference in how your new bathroom is designed. Here's what to consider:
  • Jetted tubs are wonderful after a hard day's work when you need to unwind and soothe sore muscles. But they can also be significantly louder than other types of tubs. For that reason, you may want to add sound dampening materials, especially if you're planning on using it after other members of the household have gone to bed.
  • If you're looking at a large tub, additional structural support may be required in the floor to support the weight of the water.
  • Soaker tubs are a separate tub that often comes up higher than standard units, allowing you to soak your entire body at once. As with jetted tubs, large soaker tubs may require additional structural reinforcement.
  • Combination tubs have a shower and a tub in a single unit. That makes them handy for smaller bathrooms where it may not be practical to have a separate shower. These are common in most homes, especially for shared bathrooms.
  • Accessible tubs, often referred to as a walk-in tub, essentially have a gasket on a door in the tub's side. This allows individuals who are unable to safely step over the side of the tub and sit down inside it. The open door allows easier entry into the tub while the gasket keeps the water where it belongs.

Chrome faucet

What kind of faucet works best?

When it comes to faucets, you have a few options to consider. Though you'll want to match the style featured in the rest of the room, you can then choose from: two controls, a single control or an automatic faucet that begins a stream of water when it senses motion.

  • Two controls allow for finer control of temperature
  • A single control is easier to manipulate one-handed or using the back of a wrist
  • An automatic faucet allows you to set the temperature with the control, but only runs water when your hands are underneath

Vanity lights

How different vanity styles work for you

  • Today's styles include vanities that are mounted on a wall, nothing more than a countertop and sink. These give a sleek, modern appeal and can be enhanced with lighting from underneath.
  • Others are furniture-style vanities, which have the appearance of a dresser or similar piece of furniture. These can give you a great style boost, but may add height to your sink and faucet, making it harder for younger family members to use it.
  • Open shelving can create a simple minimalist look, but the traditional drawers and cabinet doors help if you need to quickly stash the mess when unexpected company arrives.

Walk-in glass shower

Close it up: shower enclosures

There are a few different ways you can enclose your shower area.

  • Glass doors are easy to clean and don't allow mold or mildew to grow, but can be a modesty issue if it's a shared bathroom, either between children, parents and child or a married couple.
  • Curtains offer more options in terms of style, allowing you to go from historic to bold to fun in a few minutes by simply changing it out.
  • Curb-less showers often feature no enclosure at all, on one side, but will take careful planning to ensure the water drains away and doesn't splash all over the bathroom, creating a slip and fall hazard.

Styles of toilets

The right stool: toilet styles

Though most people don't think too hard on the issue, the right style of toilet can make a big difference. Think about who will be using it and plan accordingly.

  • Consider a low-flush type that conserves water
  • Does anyone who will be using it have mobility issues, that would require a taller stool and grab bars?
  • Is it going into a children's bathroom where you specifically want to find a stool that is lower in height?

Bathroom flooring choices

Different flooring styles

  • Cork floors are a great option for an environmentally-conscious household, and it provides superior comfort to many other flooring options.
  • Tile floors are resilient and wear well compared to other types of material, but some homeowners find them cold and hard.
  • Laminate floors are engineered hardwood, but you'll need to make sure the type you decide on is meant for wet environments, otherwise swelling may be an issue.
  • Vinyl floors aren't just in sheets anymore. You can get laminate vinyl that looks like wood or tile with the comfort of vinyl.
  • Heated floors are becoming more popular, especially under tile or hardwood that tends to be cold. They can be operated with hot water or electricity.

Elegant bathroom lighting

Light it up: lighting fixture styles

Let's talk about vents for a moment. Every bathroom should have an exhaust fan to get all that humid air out, but is there room for a separate light fixture? If not, you may be pleasantly surprised to know there are one-piece light and vent units that are virtually impossible to tell apart from light-only fixtures. If you do regular work in front of a mirror, don't forget to add the vanity light to make it easier to see what you're doing.

Box sink

Let it sink in: sink styles

  • How many sinks do you need? If schedules overlap, having two sinks helps prevent fights over who gets to get ready in which location.
  • If you're short on space or schedules are more spread out, a single sink may work well, especially if there's a wider vanity to share.
  • If you're looking at vessel sinks, remember that younger household members may not be able to reach this type of sink's higher edge, so plan the associated vanity accordingly.