Rain screen has been a life saver when it comes to water egress in homes. Rainscreen is a 1/2” space between the cladding called the capillary break, preventing water from damaging the envelope of your building. Watch jordan get into it on this quick clip. 

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Thankful for my Team, my clients and my supporters ❤️. Love ya all! @canadianchoiceaward 

Thank you! 

Felipe Freig.

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In this home we are hanging out with @dominicbifolchi from Fraser Valley Heating and cooling. We are installing a high velocity system for cooling of this 10,000sqft home! All vents in the ceiling (cool air drops, it’s heavy) and we have Radiant for heat in all floors (hot air raises its light). A perfect way to keep you home very comfortable! Adding an HRV as well for fresh air intake and efficiency. 

Architecture: @willsondesignltd 
Interiors @kellydeckdesign 
HVAC: @dominicbifolchi 
Clash detection/ Bim360: @modelotechstudioltd 

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Even @circaunit is a bit puzzled 😵‍💫👀😆

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Do you want to see more fun short videos?
This is a massive wall that’s going to hold up and retain the bottom of the structure and also will have an infinity pool on top of it. This house is truly a masterpiece. 

intricate projects like this really requires professional Engineering teams. From structural, geotechnical and envelope engineers, that truly understand the technicality of this beast. 

Structural @whmengineers 
Geotechnical @fraservalleyengineering 
Envelope @Aumbuildingsience 

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Check out our Langley mega basement pour with our boys @hdreadymix Matt tells us how he achieves a perfect flat floor 😎. Always a pleasure having them on site. 

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It’s not always pretty on the job site… sometimes we run into challenges and have to act quickly. With the help of @hdreadymix we were able to get the situation under control. But on site sometimes it can get a little scary and stressful when equipment breaks down. Thank you to @rmcreadymix as well for acting so quickly to recover the truck so we can keep working, and concrete in the basement with not dry on us. @lesliebruhaug thank you as well! 

Architect: @willsondesignltd 
Interior design: @kellydeckdesign 
Engineering: @fraservalleyengineering 
Clash detection: @modelotechstudioltd 

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We love Mike from @vanhovehomes always pays attention to all details and makes sure everything is perfectly level and square. We thank you Mike for all your hard work and attention to detail! Give Mikey a follow!

Architecture @willsondesignltd 
Structural @fraservalleyengineering 

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Ya gotta start with your best Foot Forward!! Even though engineering plans call for 25MPA in most cases for footings, we always bump it up to 28MPA or 32MPA. Your footing is one of the most important parts of the strength of your home. Build it well and you won’t stumble! Think about it. How well would you stand if you had weak feet? 🦶 comment below ⬇️ 

Builder @versahomes 
Architecture @zedstudio 
Interior @designing_holmes 
Engineer @fraservalleyengineering 

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@jaredreedplumbing doing a clean job on this radiant heat installation. With our foam spray insulation under the slab, the heat will deflect upwards and will become very efficient when it’s running. Detail details, take care of them and you won’t fail!! 🤘🏼😎🤘🏼.

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Are you ready? Just another cool video. @cooperroofing did a nice job. 

PS: yes we did install all the same membrane. The light gray was temporary while they were out of stock. Don’t be a keyboard hero 😂.
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Safety is always our number one priority with every trade or member of our team. We do training in our Monday morning meetings and we make sure that our site is as they can be. How many times you guys see people working on the roof without a fall protection device? or a fall protection plan? All our trades must give us a fall protection plan prior to going on the roof or any work being done at any height over 6 feet. Share a story below that you’ve seen on a site that makes you very concerned. ⬇️⬇️ wrong answers only 😆.

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This home design screams old world, so the correct window choice was wood windows by  @pellawindows on this project. The timeless design by @willsondesignltd  and @kellydeckdesign will never go out of style keeping the charm for years to come. These wood windows are also part aluminum on the exterior, this will prevent the windows from wear and tear from the weather and minimize maintenance. 

Thank you to @authenticinstallations for the excellent installation experience so far. Well done boys.

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Embracing technology with @modelotechstudioltd . My brother Rodrigo has been a crucial part of a few projects, leading with clash detection and modelling of our projects. This is one of many steps we take to build high end intricate homes. Laser scanning our framing will ensure that all our framing components like 2x6s, TJIs and wall locations are exactly as per the model. All our mechanical rough in’s are next and Modelo Tech has already modelled the mechanical in 3D! He is now making sure it is all going to fit according to the model so we don’t have any clashing of any components on this build. This makes our process easy, fast with no issues. If you have any questions about using this technology on your projects, reach out to Rodrigo or ask away on the comments below ⬇️. 


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It is always extremely important to use the best quality products to achieve maximum performance. Spray foam bonds well against our ICF walls for a great seal to achieve better air tightness results. Also using 3”s of foam equals an R18 insulation value which is R6 more than the required R12 value by the architects plans. Adding Spray foam under your basement slab when installing radiant heat, will help deflect the heat upwards making the radiant a lot more efficient. If the under slab is not prepped properly, you will get heat loss under the slab. Using a closed cell 2lbs foam is also a great vapour barrier, protecting your slabs from moisture. I think this has been Versafied!!! 

What do you think? Comment below and let’s chat different points of views! 


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This is a BIG FOOTING. 90 meters of concrete in one footing! That’s huge for a residential home!! This footing is 130 feet x 13 feet. Plus a sheer key that’s 130 feet x 2 feet x 30” deep. I think we can all say this home is well anchored to the hill and it’s going nowhere 🙌. And that’s how we do it ladies and gentlemen 😎. #versafied 


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Crane time! Big rebar columns have to be craned down. On this massive hill, it is a lot easier to build the columns on the road and lift them into position. Saves a lot of time and money. Work smart 😁.
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