Versa Construction and Home Renovations in Vancouver, BC

Best of Vancouver

Versa Construction and Home Renovations in Vancouver, BC

Best Interior Designer:

Sarah Gallop Design Inc.

SGDI is an award-winning Interior Design firm that takes the design process to the next level with their "Complete Home Design" offering. From architectural conceptualization, to working design drawings, through to picking the throw pillows for the living room couch, SGDI has you covered.

They have a stacked team of design talent, and they cheerfully bring their skill and experience to every project, large or small. Check out their website here.

Best Interior Designer:

A GreenWorks project.

Best Green Building Materials:

GreenWorks Building Supply Inc.

GreenWorks was an early entry in Vancouver's green building market, and they're still around—partly due to their friendly service and enthusiasm about their environmentally-friendly products. They also have a knack for finding cutting-edge stuff, like Homestead House's "Milk Paint".

Rest assured, they have a wide selection of green building staples like beautiful bamboo and cork flooring, recycled glass tile and recycled aluminum countertops. Visit their showroom—it's a treat.

Best Ice Cream:

Earnest Ice Cream

Surprise! Vancouver's not just about renovating, and neither is this post :P Earnest Ice Cream "earns" top spot in this category amongst some really tough-to-beat competitors, like Casa Gelato and Mario's. Earnest is a relative new-kid but they throw a block party like no one else.

Smiling, happy staff dole out free tasters for you, during what feels like a "one-on-one ice cream consultation". Their fare consists exclusively of small batch, seasonal, gourmet ice-cream, in flavours that are more appropriately called "creations". Enough talk—go get some.

Best Interior Designer:

Versa Homes

Best General Contractor:

Versa Platinum Construction Ltd.

We could tell you all kinds of great things about ourselves, but we'd prefer to let our customers do the talking.

P.S. here are some photos of our Vancouver Renos :)

Best Fish & Chips:

Tony's Fish & Oyster Cafe

Finally, what's a "Best of Vancouver" list without a seafood restaurant? Tony's serves up Fish & Chips like nobody's business, but the best thing on the menu may be their pan-fried entrées. Choose from salmon, halibut or cod fillets. They're all good. You may have to get one of each.

If you really want to your socks knocked off, get their "Granville Island White Clam Chowder". Seriously, this isn't normal clam chowder. It's rich yet smooth, one-of-a-kind flavour, and the clams bits are always fresh and tender. Feel free to drool at their menu right now.

Best Interior Designer:

Amazing seafood platter.