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Super Fun Spaces for All Ages with Interior Design

With some simple interior design and planning, spaces for kids can be the most fun to decorate. Especially if you incorporate elements to encourage their curiosity and sense of exploration!

Wall Graphics

These can get amazingly detailed, and good news! They’re temporary! The pre-applied adhesives leave virtually no residue when removing or re-positioning your graphics. When your Mini-Bat grows out of their superhero stage, simply peel it off for a more mature bedroom decor! This is a great way to spice up your renovation or new home build. Click here to see the entire renovation!a

Hammocks & Swing Seats

For the more relaxing times when you just want to dangle your little legs and read a good book. Click here to see this home addition.

Tent canopies

Over beds, bean bag chairs, or dollhouses, tent canopies add a fun element to any kids’ space. It’s like a permanent blanket fort! This home addition turned out awesome, Click here to see the full home!

Bold Colours

Simple and fun, a pop of bright and bold colour instantly inspires more creativity in this kids playroom. A workstation for crafts and a chalk paint wall ready for doodling leave tons of room for young imaginations to prosper.

Study Corner

Having a super cool dedicated area for homework makes the task much easier to complete. For a three year old the most important business of the day is her dolls, but as she grows up this will easily be converted to create an inviting work space fit for this little Princess. Click here to see this luxury home.

Outdoor Sports Court

With all the distractions these days it’s tough to encourage kids to get outside to enjoy more fresh air. With an exterior playground or sports court why would any kid want to come home for dinner? Want to see this Villa? Click here to see inside this custom build luxury home.

Indoor Sports Court

Because we are all Canucks 🙂

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