Modern Home Building | Versa Homes, Lower Mainland BC


Modern Home Building | Versa Homes, Lower Mainland BC


Nothing says modern home like the word simplicity. Crisp clean lines, neutral colors and stainless steel appliances are the cornerstones of modern home construction. Here at Versa Platinum Home Construction, we are well versed in the sleek designer home.

Being situated in Vancouver, one of the cutting-edge cities of the world, we are very familiar with the needs of our contemporary clientele. As home builders in our modern age, we understand the need for state of the art technology coupled with minimalism and a touch of character. Enjoying a calm relaxing moment in a home that caters to all of your needs is an experience we know how to achieve.

Modern Open Plan

State-of-the-art new home construction

At the epicenter of any modern home design is leading-edge technology. In the palm of your hand, you can control all of your lights, appliances and day to day needs from your home or the office. Let us help you make life a little easier at the end of a busy workday by integrating sleek appliances and fixtures that meet your needs.

Whether it is in the kitchen or the bathroom, there is a multitude of ways to align your modern home with the forefront of technology. Your can have everything at your fingertips in your smart home and still keep your home looking clean and simple by utilizing built-in space-saving techniques.

A modern home from a modern home builder

With locations from White Rock, Langley, South Surrey, to Vancouver, we have you covered if you are looking for a custom home builder to make your dreams a modern home a reality in British Columbia. We have done everything from brand new modern home construction to complete home renovations in order to bring relics of the past into the present day.