Green New Home Construction | Versa Homes, Lower Mainland BC

Green New Home Construction

Green New Home Construction | Versa Homes, Lower Mainland BC

Luxury Green Homes are the wave of the future

New technology, products, and techniques are coming out all the time to help homes become more energy efficient. As a custom home builder, we consider everything from type of flooring to using natural light as ways to utilize green new building construction. Your home could be a showcase of the perfect blend of luxury and green technology.

Luxury Green Homes are the wave of the future

Certified Green Construction

You can put your trust in us with our certified LEED AP design team. We are continually looking for ways to expand our knowledge and application of green construction techniques. If you are interested in working with sustainable or environmentally friendly home designers and home builders, we’ve got you covered. Our repertoire includes everything from the latest technology to recycling 80% of old home materials for new home constructions.

Make your new home a green building design

Your new home construction can be green from the ground up. We utilize many techniques when designing and building new homes to help make them efficient and eco-friendly.

There are quite a few technologies and products you can use in your floor or as flooring to help save money and the environment. If you are looking for an energy-efficient way to heat your home and are tired of cold floors, consider going with Nuheat. We have experience installing these radiant floor systems in homes. They provide subfloor heating to heat your home, leaving no cold spots and are easily controlled with a thermostat.

After you worry up heating your floor, take it up a notch and go green with an eco-friendly flooring like bamboo or cork. Both of these products are sustainable, renewable, and durable. Cork even has sound and thermal insulation factors. Both of these choices are elegant choices for your new home construction.

When considering lighting in a home, using specifically placed windows and other techniques can drastically decrease your need for light fixtures while increasing the beauty of your home. When looking for artistic touches and details, we can help you by finding reclaimed wood or doors. Green building can be about recycling what is already there at our fingertips.

If you are worried about wasting water, consider technologies like low-flow faucets and low-flush toilets. Each of the technologies will help you do your part for the environment without sacrificing an ounce of luxury. Talk with us about creating a beautiful, green home for you in the White Rock, South Surrey, Langley, or Vancouver, British Columbia area.