Design-Build & Renovation Consultants | Versa Homes, Lower Mainland BC

If you are ready to build but don’t know if your project will fit into your timeline or budget, come sit down with us for a consultation. Right from the start, we take the time to provide a concise, detailed quote so you know exactly what you're getting and how much it will cost. With 17 years in the industry serving the Vancouver area, you can trust in our ability, at Versa Homes, to achieve your dream home.

Versa Homes design build and renovation consultants

Versa Homes design build and renovation consultants

Our job as consultants is to be the bridge between you and other construction professionals. Whether we complete the project for you or just weigh in as your consultant, we are on your side from the start. Your interests are our priority.

Whether you are looking at building anew or renovating your house by updating cabinets, fixtures, paint and the like, we can help you through the process by beginning with a consultation. Your budget and timeline is our priority. We can help you understand the construction process to give you clear expectations of your upcoming project.

Using us as an insider into the industry can help alleviate your budget worries so you can get more out of it. We work with wholesalers and other construction professionals to help you accomplish your renovation goals. You can rest assured that we will take care of any issues that arise during the renovation process.

Remodeling consultants for Vancouver, British Columbia

If you are needing assistance in coming up with plans for your new home build or remodel, we can help. Having completely remodeled homes from basements to attics in the greater Vancouver area, we understand how to work within the confines of a house while breathing new life into it.

If you are looking to completely remodel some rooms or your home, we can help you assist you from the start with a no frills consultation. We can take a look at your current house plans and help you fit your new home design within its confines.

We are well versed in how to execute a complete home remodel from start to finish. Our job as your consultant would be to share that knowledge with you to get you exactly what you want from your project. As a remodeling general contractor and custom home builder, we partner with homeowners in the the Vancouver area including White Rock, South Surrey, and Langley. Meet with one of our local Vancouver team members to talk specifics.