Versa Construction and Home Renovations in Langley Township, BC

Langley Townhouse Renovations

Versa Construction and Home Renovations in Langley Township, BC

Add a dash of elegance to any Townhouse with Versa craftsmanship.

Langley, BC is an extremely special place, and particularly special to us, considering it's the birthplace of Versa Homes and where our base of operations is currently located. We owe a lot to this community and we want to see Langley continue to flourish.

Over the years we've seen many townhouses developed throughout the Township of Langley, and this past year is no exception. These townhouses are a part of Langley's promise of developing vibrant, complete neighbourhoods which offer flexible, affordable, and mixed housing options for its residents. For the past eleven years the team at Versa has taken pride in improving these townhouses, conceptualizing then creating stunning and ideal living spaces.
We'd like to think we've positively affected the lives of many apartment and townhouse dwellers in our township, and we intend to keep doing so!

Details can make all the difference in an intimate space.

Whether you're into shopping, movies, restaurants and pubs, recreation and fitness, museums, nature or even rich culture, Langley Township recognizes the individual needs of its residents and caters to them. Everyone is an original, and Langley will have something for you!

We also understand the concept of originality, so we take a fresh approach to every townhouse renovation project that comes our way. Your space, designed your way. No matter if you're looking to create a consistent feel throughout the space or to create separate environments for each individual member of the family, Versa will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Turn your Langley Townhouse into a Town-home, perfect for your growing family.

Langley Township is undeniably a family community. With roughly 80% of the total population living in 2-or-more-person households, it's obvious that this is a fertile area for newly budding families and established families alike. Each year and no matter the season, there are always a number of free and family-oriented festivals and events held throughout the township to encourage residents to get together.

After a long day spent touring the pleasant happenings in Langley, you deserve to come home to the perfect family space! Somewhere that encourages time together in the kitchen, in front of the fireplace, or wherever you wish. At Versa we don't simply design and create beautiful townhouse renovations; instead, we customize them to your specific needs. Understanding your goals and your specific requirements is a major part of our process, since you’ll be the one enjoying our renovations for a long time to come. Explain your ideal situation to Versa Homes renovation experts and we'll bring our experience in Langley to the table. We'll help you visualize the renovation of your dreams, then we'll help you actualize it. Your family will thank you!

About the Township of Langley

The municipality was incorporated in Fort Langley in 1873 and is known as the 'Birthplace of BC'. A community unlike any other, the Township of Langley is a place where the rich heritage of the past is combined with a vibrant vision for the future. Rural beauty is complemented by an energetic urban atmosphere. The municipality has a land mass of 316 square kilometres (122 square miles) and a population of approximately 104,000. Learn more at

If you own a Townhouse or Apartment in Langley, BC and are looking for an expert contractor to assess your space and provide insight on your renovation project, you've found your team.

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