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Importance of Working with an Interior Designer


Yes, there is a difference! While any interior designer can also be a decorator, interior decorators can’t easily be an interior designer. Technical skills attained during vigorous educational training such as creating eligible floor plans and elevations, understanding building codes, and coordinating with other trades are just some of what makes an interior designer stand apart from a decorator.


Starting with a good foundation ensures that your home will be sound and secure. And you can’t build a good foundation without a good set of plans. That’s where interior designers come in! With our understanding of the innards of a home, we create an interior that is structurally functional that ties in with the aesthetic beauty of the finishes.


A properly designed home saves time. And where there is time saved, there is money saved. All the planning interior designers do prior to construction benefits both the client and the custom home builder, because it’s easier to make changes on paper than a structure. Additionally, we work closely with the builder to ensure that the design, both functional and aesthetic aspects, are within the budget set.


Qualified architects draw the most beautiful homes but they typically don’t take into consideration as to how the clients live inside them. Enter interior designers! We take architectural drawings and improve the interior to function the way the clients function. We go into details about each room and what goes on all surfaces.

Written by Angela Riley, Principal Designer at A. Riley Designs
A British Columbia Institute of Technology graduate, Angela understands the importance of the technical details that goes hand in hand with a great design. Her fun and enjoyable approach to design creates a stress-free environment for the clients and a perfect space for them to call home.

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