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The city of Coquitlam is located on the north bank of the Fraser River between  Burnaby and New Westminster to the west and Port Coquitlam and  Pitt Meadows to the east. Coquitlam is a hub of cultural, arts, sporting and family-friendly events, with plenty of festivities to keep you entertained year round. Our captivating wilderness is home to bears, cougars, deer and owls. Our rivers run with salmon. Nature has shaped this city, and it’s little wonder Coquitlam is known for its spellbinding beauty.

To learn more about this wonderful area, please visit the Coquitlam City website here.

Custom Home Builder in South Surrey neighboring Coquitlam with Palatial Villa Exterior
Custom Home Builder in South Surrey neighboring Coquitlam with Palatial Villa Interior
Custom Home Builder in South Surrey neighboring Coquitlam with Palatial Villa Interior Fireplace

Versa Homes is a leading custom home builder targeting the Cquitlam, Vancouver and surrounding areas. Our headquarters are conveniently located in Langley.

We begin by creating a mock up so our customer can appreciate their new retreat once it is done. The process of visualizing a dream is so inspirational whenever you are building something from nothing.

This outdoor living area was going to have a lot of features including an entertainment area with fireplace, kitchenette, barbeque, bar area and pergola. As a custom home builder, Versa Homes knows how to meet the needs of our Langley neighbors and ensures to cover every small detail as seen in the architectural documentation.

In this next project we feature another Coquitlam Custom Home Build. Every room was completed with the highest level of detail and craftsmanship; even though this residence was a huge undertaking, we didn’t take any shortcuts. From the marble counters to the tasteful use of stone walls, we selected each material carefully to create a luxurious, liveable environment. The windows were sized and placed to allow for a bright interior, yet they also cultivate a sense of privacy and intimacy within the residence. Large doors and entryways, combined with high ceilings, create an abundance of space. More information on this specific project can be found visiting our dedicated project page for Coquitlam Custom Home Builder for Rustic Classic.

Custom Home Builder in Coquitlam with Rustic Classic Exterior
Custom Home Builder in Vancouver neighboring Coquitlam with Rustic Classic Interior

Amazing company with an incredible attention to detail. You are kept up to date with every detail of your project. Versa provides a detailed scope and timeline. Their quality is unmatched. True professionals making your dreams come true!

Tavish Crowe

Versa Homes is an award-winning Langley City Custom Home Builder. We wish to be your partner in making your new home dreams come true.

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